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Do you to build your dream business with alignment and integrity that flows easily?

I am here to help you achieve that goal!

Alannah Dance with Pathway to Freedom

"Know that you are part of a greater purpose and mission. You are here to help others reach their true potential while also reaching yours. We are here to help each other, and you are supported in every process you take and decision you make."


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  • How beliefs affect your business & life

  • How to stand-up your business in less than 30 days

  • Start working with clients in less than 14 days

  • How to build your intuition easily

  • How to become authentically aligned with your business

and so much more!!

Does this sound like you?

  • Are you "pushing" forward to "show up" in your business?

  • Are your creations bringing disappointment instead of profit?

  • Are you frustrated that you have to deal with the "tech" of your business instead of working with clients?

  • Do you feel held back in your business because you don't have the time or energy to scale?

Your business is bringing you these experiences and you're invited to understand what you can do about it with this free guide!

You are Invited to Experience a New Way to Business!

Business expansion through purposeful creation

When you create with your heart and soul and align it with your business, you become a beacon of light to your clients. You are able to bring in business advocates, collaborators, and partnerships that help you and your business harmoniously expand. You are able to amplify the joy within you that brings forth your deep desire to help others. You are able to step out of the fear, the struggle, and the challenges of day-to-day life on a personal and business level. You are able to let go of past patterns in a graceful way to create space for the exciting future ahead.

It is your birthright to create with your heart!

An authentically aligned business and life filled with faith and joy

Empowerment and faith as a heart-centered business owner

Consistent expansion and transformation using your unique strategy

At Pathway to Freedom, we bring a unique hybrid solution to creating your business. By combining energy healing, human design, business strategies, and technology, you are able to purposefully create in all areas of your business and life.

  • Easily stand up a true all-in-one platform with aligned support and comfort

  • Decondition the programming that is keeping you suck in repeating past patterns of lack and fear

  • Understand the energy of your business allowing it to flow easily

  • Attract clients, partners, and resources that are aligned with you and your business

  • Embody consistent energy-clearing practices that keep you moving forward

  • Adopt business strategies that are unique to you and feel good when you use them

  • Experience the excitement in your business that you had when you first started!

  • Implement automation into your business to prevent frustration and burnout

Are you ready to finally create your dream business? What are you waiting for??

Hi! I'm Alannah and I am here to help you consistently make money!

You may think that headline is a little bold, but if you are familiar with Human Design, I am highlighting the gate 14 in my Sun. My purpose is to help you create sustainable resources and a deep relationship with trust and alignment with Source. It took me a while to figure out what this looked like in my own life and how to bring this into my business but when recognized the signals and responded, boy did the energy flow!

You can have this same energy flow within your business and I am so excited to help you achieve that goal and so many more!

You can and you will...

  • Stop creating your life out of fear

  • Step out of the struggles and challenges of life

  • Easily leave the lack mindset behind

  • Shift into unstoppable enoughness

  • Understand yourself and your business on a deep level

  • Create the business you truly desire

...If you truly want to!

Alannah Dance with Pathway to Freedom
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Featured Products & Services

Synergistic Business & Life

A hybrid approach to business building. In this program, you receive access to an all-in-one platform to build the foundation of your business and energy clearings to keep positive energy flowing into your business and your life! Multiple plans available.

ThetaHealing Practitioner Seminars

Become a certified practitioner for the ThetaHealing Technique and help yourself and your clients step into your true power. Deconditioning the programming that is keeping you limited allows for lasting change and transformation, easily!

Best Selling Co-Authored Books

Global Conscious Entrepreneurs -

With Marie Diamond

Marie Diamond (featured in the movie, The Secret) and 49 other authors as they share their story on how they got to their unique place in the world. Learn how you too can manifest the life you desire and transform challenge into transcendence!

Purpose By Design -

With Karen Curry Parker

Eleven amazing Human Design thought leaders have come together in this compilation book to help you navigate your life using your chart as a tool to live your true purpose.

The Gift -

With Vanessa Moss

The 26 incredible women in this book have faced challenges that would make many of us wither in fear. They have rebuilt their lives after each setback and come through the other side wiser and more in touch with their inner selves.

Self-Discovery & Alignment

My Journey to Happiness

Happiness is a gift and our ultimate mission in life. As humans, we are learning to navigate the matrix of life to come back to our true selves and live in happiness. When I discovered this, life began to flow in such a beautiful way. I'm here to tell you that you can experience the same life flow and it can be easy! ThetaHealing was a huge part of my transformation. I look forward to helping you with your personal journey!

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