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Are You Ready to Finally Launch the Business of Your Dreams?

Step out of Overwhelm and Transform Your Dreams into Reality with Expert Guidance, Support & Proven Techniques.

Most businesses fail or aren't even started for three main reasons


  • No idea where to start

  • Not good at technology

  • No support


  • I don't know enough

  • I'm not good enough

  • What if I fail?


  • I don't have enough

  • People won't buy from me

  • I can't afford it

Sound Familiar?

The Truth

It's not your fault!

There are unconscious energies at play creating these false beliefs in your mind, preventing you from stepping into your true potential.

So what can you do about it?

Get excited!! Your belief patterns are a representation of the lessons you are in this life to learn. Each carries its own gift and the resolution is within you.

We can help!

Welcome to...

Synergistic Business & Life!

A unique program designed to help you find the messages within yourself to build your authentic business, one step at a time.

Building a soul-aligned business doesn't have to be hard! Unconscious beliefs, energies, and resistance create unneeded struggles and challenges.

The Synergistic Business & Life Program brings...



Understand your unique purpose and build trust within your business as the vehicle to achieving that purpose within your Divine timing.



Go deep within yourself to release the hidden beliefs & energies that are keeping you and your business stuck in repeating patterns of the past.



Propel yourself forward in life and in business to continue to expand your reach to everyone that is here to help you with your unique mission. They're waiting!

Breakthrough the Barriers

  • Overcome Fear and Self-Doubt: Our expertly designed program will help you conquer the fears and energies holding you back, turning them into sources of strength and growth.

  • Clear Limiting Beliefs: Recognize the limitations that are holding you back and easily change them into new beliefs to aid in expansion.

  • Communicate with your Business: Understand exactly what your business needs to move forward and bring in the partnerships it needs.

  • Find Your Ideal Clients: Discover strategies to attract the perfect clients who resonate with your unique coaching style and soulful mission.

  • Unlock Authentic Marketing Techniques: Harness the power of authentic marketing to build your brand and bring in your perfect clients.

  • Soulful Selling Techniques: Selling is a service and love letter to your clients, shift your beliefs around selling to truly step into the power of your mission.

  • Personal Growth: Just as you guide others on their spiritual journey, our program fosters your personal growth, empowering you to lead with authenticity.

  • So much more!

photo to out dream yourself

Are you ready to elevate your coaching business to align with your soul's mission?

Click the video below to see what you'll get!

Business Building Course

Over 6 months of actionable content, meditations, energy clearing techniques and more!

Business Alignment

Become fully aligned with the energy of your business, your clients and your unique purpose.

Weekly Energy Clearings

Keep the energy in your business clear with automatic group energy clearings completed by Alannah!


A private community outside of social media with like-minded people enrolled in the program. Community is a huge part of healing and growth!

3 Months of Transcend

Free access to the all-in-one business platform - Transcend! Upgrade past 3 months and save! Remove the need for many of your existing business tools. $850+ value!


Weekly tech calls to answer your technical questions to prevent overwhelm and help you customize Transcend to fit your needs.

Unparalleled Energy-Infused Business Coaching

The Synergistic Business & Life Program is unlike any other program out there! You will work with and understand your business in a whole new way! Most business coaching programs focus only on mindset. We focus on that and so much more! Based on the uniqueness, a cost comparison isn't even possible!


Energetic Communication

Learn how to create your energetic team and give them tasks to complete each day to keep positive energy flowing.


Awareness of Negative Influences

Learn to identify energies that are not for the highest and best of your business and move them out with ease and grace.


Energy clearings

Clear out stagnant energies from ancestors, past lives, your environment and much more with automatic weekly energy clearings.


Energetic Cycles

Did you know your business has cycles based on when it was started? Learn to work with these cycles instead of against them.


Personal Healing

All of the above and other aspects of this program contribute to your personal growth and expansion allowing you to step into your authentic path.

Authentic Business Harmony

Below are some of the topics covered in the Synergistic Business & Life Program. The best part, it's continuing to expand and you will get every bit of it! In the program, we follow three stages of a business to make sure you are set-up for success!

You can't anchor unless you're aligned and you can't transcend unless you're anchored.

1. Alignment

2. Anchoring

3. Transcendence

  • Rewrite your old story

  • Understanding external influences & their effects

  • The right business models & strategies for you

  • Clarity - Mission, Vision, Clients, Offers

  • Personal & business branding

  • Removing energetic blocks

  • Changing limiting beliefs

  • Business energy communication

  • Healthy boundaries

  • Energetic cycles

  • Creating your lead magnet

  • Creating your programs

  • Building your website, funnels, & more

  • Building your email list

  • The right marketing strategies for you

  • Selling with integrity

  • Authentic communication

  • Shifting external energy into alignment

  • Your first launch & the numbers

  • Building your sales pathway

  • Knowing when & how to expand

  • Keeping your clients engaged

  • Additional marketing techniques

  • Enhancing your launches

  • Automating your sales

  • Hiring a VA

  • Selling with Ads

  • Podcasting

  • Going deeper on limiting beliefs

  • Bringing in partners & expanding relationships

It's time for you to step into your true calling, completely aligned, and unstoppable!

Are you inspired?

Business Alignment for the Spiritual Entrepreneur

Synergistic Business & Life



Synergistic Business & Life Program

Weekly Business Energy Clearings for 1 Year

Business Alignment

Business Coaching

Weekly Support Calls

Aligned Community

3 Months of Transcend for Free! ($850+ value!)

Client Love

Alannah has made such a difference in balancing my personal and professional energy! Her intuitive and business approach has my business flourishing. If I hadn't experienced it, I may not believe it! The money and investment in time paid off exponentially! Highly recommend.


Courtney Pouzieux


Since working with Alannah, my Instagram following and attendance on my webinars have increased. I can feel the energy truly flowing in my business. For the first time, I felt heard when creating my website and implementing my business processes. I truly recommend Alannah for your business needs!


Jikara Starita


Your Questions, Answered!

Is there a guarantee?

The success of your business relies on many things that are out of our control. Our program is risk-free because you can cancel at any time. The knowledge and skills that you gain during your tenure will be absolutely priceless.

Is there a payment plan?

We offer payment plans for some programs. Please click the purchase button to see payment plan options on the next page. If you'd like to inquire about additional options, please email us at

Is this program appropriate for established coaches?

Yes!  Business strategies and techniques are constantly changing. We are here to bring you unique business views to help you at any point in your business.  Scaling a business is just as important as starting!

Is this program for me?

If you are starting or looking to grow your heart-centered business, this program can help! By working through the cycles of your business, you can come into alignment with the mission of your business to expand within Divine timing.


If you feel like you're stuck in your business, cannot expand, move forward, or are running into blocks, this program can help you move past it IF you put the work in!

What is the refund policy?

We know you will love this program and have full confidence that you will succeed in expanding your business if you go through the materials and take action. However, we understand that sometimes energies don't jive which affects success. If you decide this program is not for you within 5 days of purchase, you will be issued a 90% refund (minus admin & payment processing fees). Please make sure you are fully committed before enrolling in the program. If you have any questions, please email us at and we'd be more than happy to answer any questions. Please allow at least 7-10 days for refund application and processing.

Is the cost of this program a tax write-off?

Yes! If you have a registered LLC, you can write-off the costs of education, technology, and coaching related to your business on your taxes. Please consult an accountant for more information.

Can I apply for a scholarship?

We understand that sometimes financial difficulties get in the way of pursuing our dreams. Please email us at to inquire about payment plan options and scholarships.


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