We are so glad you are here! Pathway to Freedom was founded out of love to expand healing to the world through heart centered and soul led businesses. After many struggles and challenges, Alannah surrendered to the Divine calling of helping humanity by connecting with Businesses to help with Soul ascension. The unique offerings at Pathway to Freedom are not found anywhere else. We use practical business building techniques, energy healing, and technology to infuse your business with love and abundance. Whether you are just starting or looking to expand, our services off you the next step you are looking for.

"You are a powerful being here to bring beauty to the world. I want you to experience magic in a way that you never thought possible. There is magic within yourself and your business that you may be unable to reach. It's time to step into your power and allow that magic to expand into the world the way it's meant to."



The Mission of Pathway to Freedom - Entrepreneurial Living, LLC is to transcend heart centered and soul led businesses through alignment, authenticity, and purposeful creation. We do this by teaching awareness, connection, and synthesis in all areas of your business, including energetic alignment, technology, marketing, personal healing and more. Through our passion and dedication, we show you how to reclaim your power and birthright to be valuable, fulfilled, and connected to your unique Divine plan and the Divine plan of your business.


Our Vision is the be a trusted partner with heart centered and soul led businesses large and small to help expand healing and love to the world revolutionizing how businesses are ran forever.


Our clients experience rapid, life-altering, steady business and personal evolution by transforming past patterns into a path of truth, abundance and ascension. Creating freedom is the ultimate goal in all Pathway to Freedom does and we harness our values whole-heartedly in all products and services.


Helping you live authentically allowing you to step into your power and purpose and promising to do the same in all support and teachings given to you.


Providing a trusting and safe space for you to learn, share and evolve without judgement. Helping you to also trust yourself and the Divine will allow resources and stability to flow to you easily.


Providing distinct solutions that fit your business needs regardless of where you are in the growth process. We pride ourselves in our one-of-a-kind solutions that are not found anywhere else.


Spreading love & healing to the world through teachings that can be expanded and embodied, allowing a domino effect of love to expand far beyond myself through you and your clients.

Type of Clients

We work with heart centered & soul led entrepreneurs who want to start or scale their healing or coaching business. Services range from business stand-up and new healing practitioner certification to advanced practitioner certifications and current business expansion. If you're not sure if we are a good fit for you, schedule a free call so we can get to know each other!

Our Portfolio

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Hi! I'm Alannah!

After many years of challenge and struggle, I discovered my human design which helped me realize that my mission in life is to help you step into your power and expand your business to create a life of true joy, authenticity, and abundance.

I am here to help you allow abundance to flow easily into your business and life by cultivating and creating sustainable resources and authenticity through healing, collaboration, and consistency. I do this by using Divine energy and a broad range of intuitive skills and tools to identify the deep root cause of challenges in your business. Shifting and resolving the energy of past patterns within all energetic bodies, lives, ancestral lineage, and your environment allows for rapid life-altering changes, free from struggle and pain.

I am a certified coach, practitioner, healer, Theta Healing® instructor, and three-time best-selling co-author.

I am passionate about -

- Helping you truly design your life and your business through healing, teaching, coaching, and awareness, allowing for easy transformation to more freedom, joy, purpose, and worth.

- Helping you understand that you can live your best life by making consistent, easy changes that last through shifting energy and beliefs to allow for inner healing.

- Helping you manifest the life you want in a gentle and loving way to achieve your goals in your business, finances, happiness, and relationships.

I believe that healing different aspects of yourself and your environment creates quantum leaps forward in life and within your business. I find it tremendously fulfilling to witness people's transformations and to watch them decide to take action in their lives. Helping people has always been something I've wanted to do, but I had trouble finding out how to fulfill it. I have finally found my calling in life, and I am looking forward to helping and meeting wonderful people along this journey!

Credentials & Certifications


Theta Healing is a powerful transformational healing modality that reaches beyond the limits of the conscious mind. I am a certified instructor and practitioner for ThetaHealing and will be thrilled to bring this modality into your world. Please see the Schedule for upcoming classes. The Basic DNA course is the first required course for Practitioner Certification.


  • Discover Your Algorithm

  • Basic DNA

  • Basic Advanced

  • Dig Deeper

  • You & The Creator

  • World Relations

  • DNA 3

  • Manifesting & Abundance

  • You & Your Significant Other

  • You & Your Inner Circle

  • Soulmate

  • Rhythm to your Own Weight

  • Animals

  • Plants

  • Love of Self (August 2024)

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Along with the above Instructor courses, I have also taken the Theta Healing Practitioner courses below. When the timing is right, I will be receiving instructor certification for the below courses (excluding the electives).

Additional Courses

  • Intuitive Anatomy

  • Diseases & Disorders

  • You & Earth

  • Love of Self

  • Planes of Existence 1

  • Planes of Existence 2

Elective Courses

  • Game of Life

  • Wealth Consciousness

  • Hormone Symphony

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Human Design

Human Design provides a blueprint to help you navigate through the challenges in your life. By understanding your design, you can make better decisions, attract the right people and truly step into your authentic self to allow abundance to flow into your life.

Quantum Human Design (QHD) Specialist

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Traditional Human Design Studies

To continue my expansion within the Human Design realm (because it's huge!), I have also taken courses through Jovian Archive, the International Human Design School (IHDS), and through other teachers.

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Health and Wellness Studies

Combining coaching, human design, energy healing techniques & Ayurveda recommendations is super powerful for true, lasting transformation. I am excited to bring to you this approach to change the world, one person at a time.


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Energy Healing Certifications

Alannah has continued to listen to Divine messages bringing her many healing modalities to help herself and her clients. She loves to learn and stay busy so this list is ever-expanding. Her goal is to provide one place for people to come to heal on all levels within their selves and their business - emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical.


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Home, Business & Environment Energy

Environmental energies are often overlooked in the healing process but they are a huge part of what influences us on a daily basis.

Certifications & Trainings

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College Degrees

University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC)

  • Master Degree in Business Administration (MBA)

  • Master Degree in Technology & Project Management

  • Bachelor Degree in Information Technology Systems

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