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New Moon

Create Your New Moon Ritual

September 13, 20238 min read

If you follow astrological alignments, you probably track the moon and have rituals or intentions that you set with the cycles.  If you don't, maybe it's time you take a small trip into the wonderful effects it can have on moving your life forward!

The new moon occurs every 29.5 days and with that occurrence comes amazing energies that you can and should take advantage of.  The intentions are brought forth for months to come and can help positively shift the energy around you.  It's like a beautiful door opening to let you step into the true creation of your life.

Moon Cycle Image

We are manifesting our lives, every second of every day. 

When we are unconscious and unintentional with our manifestations, we attract lower-vibration people and situations, creating challenges.  Being intentional with our manifestations raises our vibration which allows new energy that matches us to come in easier.  New moon rituals are one easy part that we can incorporate into our schedule to allow the energy to flow in a positive direction. 

The new moon brings in the energy of beginnings because it's the start of the new lunar cycle.  Below are a few things you can think about when creating your new moon ritual:

  • What have I been trying to start but it hasn't quite worked?

  • What new pattern or routine do I want to create in my life?

  • What new energy do I want to bring into my existence?

  • What hasn't been working well that I want to change in my relationships, finances, health, etc.?

New Moon and Your Business

If you have a business, this can also be a fantastic time to move the energy for the business in a positive way.  Currently (September 2023), there are six planets in retrograde - Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto (Venus retrograde ended on September 4th so there were 7!).  This retrograde energy can cause you to feel like you're moving backward or have come to a complete standstill because that’s exactly what the planets are doing. 

I can say that my business is feeling it 100%!  While this is the cycle of the wonderful astrology that has ruling energy over us, it is nice to know that you're not doing anything "wrong" and it will pass.  A huge sigh of relief!

Moon Journal

New moon rituals for your business can be similar to your personal life and you can do them at the same time, but make sure you have a separate journal or paper for the business intentions.  For more on how energy affects your business, check out my website.

Some of the things to think about when creating your new moon ritual for your business:

  • What hasn't been working well in my business that I'd like to change (incoming clients, difficult employees, repeat business, etc.)?

  • What do I want to create over the next 1-3 months?

  • What do I want to enhance or make better over the next 1-3 months?

  • Who do I want to bring into my business over the next 1-3 months (business partner, employee, VA, accountant, etc.)?

Contemplate these questions and journal about them in the days coming up to the new moon.  Allow the clarity to drop in, don't force it.  If it's not working well that day, come back to it the next day.  I find journaling and writing in the morning to work best because the day is still quiet and I am more open to allowing myself to receive the information instead of trying to have all the answers.

Creating Your New Moon Ritual

When creating a ritual, the key is to make it yours.  There are so many cookie-cutter rituals out in the universe that is the Internet nowadays but I find that the energy flows a lot smoother if you create one that feels good to you. 

Here are some ideas you can use for yours if you choose -

  • Set aside time

    • Block time on your calendar to make an appointment with yourself in the morning or evening of the new moon.  Commit to this time each month.  Here is a good website that tracks the moon cycles so you can plan accordingly.  I put all the new and full moons on my calendar at the beginning of each year.

  • Have a manifestation journal for the new moon

    • It is very important to keep the energies of the new and full moon separate as they are very different.  Have a manifestation journal for the new moon and a letting go journal for the full moon.  If you put them in one journal, the Universe could get confused and bring in what you're letting go of or let go of what you're bringing in.  That is not helpful!  If you're looking for a journal, I have some available on my website.

    • Journal about the above questions, breathe it in, and feel the energy!

  • Manifesting list

    • If you've taken a ThetaHealing class with me, you know how much I talk about having a running manifesting list.  Have that with you during the ritual.  Review it, add things, and cross off with excitement things that have been brought in or are no longer needed - yippee!! (If you haven't taken a Theta Healing class, check them out here!  They are incredible to learn how to decondition your programming and shift your life in absolutely amazing ways!)

      Moon Rituals Image

    • Your manifesting list will keep your subconscious mind busy creating what you want (instead of what you don't want).  Be very intentional with this process.  You can keep this list in your manifestation journal or separate (I have a separate little book for mine).  Just make sure you have enough space for a running list of all the wonderful things you'd like to bring into your life!

  • Set up a small alter or space on your floor

    • Clear the stagnant energies from the room with sage or another clearing tool/method that you use.

    • Have representation for the elements of Earth, wind, fire, and water, being very intentional about each.  Also bring in any other crystals, images of light beings, or other figures and objects that you'd like to work with and call upon during the ritual.  Maybe even have your vision board there too!

    • Before the ceremony (a day or a few hours), put any crystals or objects you are using in a selenite bowl to clear the energy of each.  After the ceremony, keep your journal, intentions, and manifesting list in the selenite bowl to keep the energies clear until the next ceremony.

      Moon Ritual alter image

  • Pull a card

    • If you have a tarot or oracle deck, pull a card with the intention that it represents your upcoming cycle with the moon.  Feel into the card or read about it and see how it can help you with the situations in your life right now.

  • Meditate & Visualize

    • When your alter is set up, your journaling is done, and you're in your quiet space, take a few deep breaths in and out, then come into silence.  During this meditation, set the intentions to allow all of the wonderful things you want to bring into your life - to come in easily for your highest and best.

    • Visualize what it would look like and feel what it would feel like to have all of these things in your personal and business life.  If you feel the need to separate the two, that is perfectly fine.  Do what feels right.

    • Bring in gratitude for our Creator, the Universe, the Moon, and any other beings you called in to help with this process.

    • There is no time limit, continue until you feel it is complete.

This powerful practice can shift the energy for the coming months and it doesn't need to take that long to complete.  If you're feeling stuck or stagnant, open yourself to allow those energies to release so you can bring in the manifestations that you deserve.  Resistance prevents positive energy flow.  Surrender brings positive energy forward.

Energy in Your Business

Our businesses also have energy within them.  Their energies are so much broader than our own and it needs to be nourished and cared for, just like ours.  Incorporating New Moon rituals to bring in the clients we desire, easy money flow, business opportunities, new programs and services, and more, can be a powerful way to expand your business.

Check out my website for more ways you can expand your business by deconditioning the patterns and programming that are keeping it stagnant or moving backward.  These powerful processes can take your business and yourself to the next level!

Crystal Ball in hand image

It doesn't have to be hard

You can make your new moon ritual as long or short as you want!  It doesn’t have to be difficult or take a lot of time.  Do what feels good to you and the energy will flow so much better.  The important part is that the ritual is intentional and consistent.  Set the intention during your next new moon ritual that you will take this time each month to commit to yourself, your business, and the beautiful moon!  She loves helping you to bring in positive energy!  It's one of her many jobs to support us tiny humans in this experience.

Love to you!  Alannah

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