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Preparing for Your Podcast

May 22, 20233 min read

Are you going to be on a podcast or summit and have no idea how to prepare?  Here is a quick run down of things to prepare and consider when preparing for video or audio presentation.

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Let's get to it!  You can use this for any online meeting or interview to make sure the audio and visual experience is fantastic!

1. Platform

  • Make sure you are extra familiar with the platform you are using

  • Thoroughly test to make sure it is working correctly on your device

  • Using a laptop or desktop is best to avoid any notifications or signal drops

  • Log in 5-10 minutes early to validate things are working correctly to avoid delays or frustration

2. Audio Options

  • Using a headset or headphones with a microphone close to your mouth will reduce sound bleed and external sound

  • An external microphone will bring in clear sound but be very familiar with how it works and test the quality prior to using it for the interview.  These devices can be very sensitive to sounds.

  • A microphone built into the computer can work well but test it with someone prior to the interview to validate the sound quality

3. Video Options

  • Most computer cameras work well but an external camera can ensure sharp quality when doing video interviews

  • Make sure your background is need and free of distractions.  We don't want people paying more attention to what is behind you than the interview content!

  • Have good, balanced lighting.  Ring lights can work but can also be distracting if they are reflecting.  The main thing is to make sure you can be seen!

  • It is best to have one steady lamp, directly in front, for even, steady lighting (No sidelight or backlight)

  • Look into the camera while speaking (not the screen of people) to have great eye contact with your audience

4. Quiet Space

  • Remove all distractions within the space.  These can include;

    • Pets, children, and others living with you

    • Mute your phone and computer sounds (all of them)

    • Close windows

    • Background music and sounds (fountains, etc.) that are loud enough for the microphone to pick-up

  • Avoid sitting in front of a window due to glairs (closed curtains are fine)

5. Mental Preparation

  • Write down some notes regarding your talk and put them next to your computer.  Avoid rustling or flipping through papers.

  • Take some deep breaths and know that the process will go exactly how it is supposed to

  • Know you are an expert in your field and you are here to share your light and knowledge with the world!

Have something to share? I'd love to have you on my podcast where we talk about how you got to where you are and identify any limiting beliefs that could be holding you back from even more forward movement.

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I am Alannah Dance and I help entrepreneurs become authentically aligned with their business through empowered action, healing, and automated business systems. Check out my current offer here!

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